About Us

Regenex Laboratories is a manufacturer of cutting-edge supplements for the health-conscious consumer. Incorporated in Auckland, New Zealand, Regenex Labs also has distribution facilities in Australia (Sydney) and the USA (Portland, Oregon), as well as an office presence in Singapore. 

At Regenex Labs we are heavily focused on research and development, with a focus on disease prevention, life extension and natural wellness.

Through our authorised distribution partners, we offer the Regenex Labs products (ActiveMg and Menoxcel) in several countries:


North America & Canada – www.dehamcare.com

  • also available on Amazon in North America

Australia & N.Z                   - www.globalhealthdirect.com

Europe & Asia                     - www.globalhealthworldwide.com


With over 30 year’s of experience in the people business we know what you want, and it is often what others forget to deliver.

Most people just want products that do what they claim, delivered on time and supported with a no tricks, no questions asked guarantee - and that’s what we do, day in day out.

We don’t sell hand sanitiser and toothpaste (not that there is anything wrong with those products – we all need them) and our range maybe small, but it is built with a specific purpose in mind. We treat real conditions that affect people daily and we hope to make their day all the better for using our products.

We believe if you have a genuine need for our product you will give it a try- after all you can’t lose with us, because we guarantee everything for 365 days from the date you buy it. So, we let you make the choices at your own pace.

And if you don’t feel like buying on day one you can even just leave us your email and we’ll let you know when there is a deal on – no spam, just real deals when they come up.

We hope to help you today.


Yours in Good Health

The Regenex Labs Team